Buy the Book Now! The Exhaustion Cure: Up Your Energy From Low to Go in 21 Days - The New Book by Laura Stack, MBA, CSP

The Exhaustion Cure

Does the mere thought of embarking on a program to get more energy leave you totally exhausted? Then you might want to read this lying down. "I would love to be more productive!" a reader of one of my first books lamented, "but I'm so exhausted at the end of the day, it's all I can do to get dinner on the table, put the kids to bed, and crash in front of the television. I have no desire to work on projects around the house, much less exercise or think about organizing the garage."

It's a common complaint. Lack of energy is a major culprit at work as well: People sleepwalk through the day, fuzzy-headed and lethargic. Nothing sounds more attractive than putting your head down on your desk for a quick nap. How can you possibly begin that big project that requires high levels of creativity and concentration? Yuck. You'd rather stick pins in your eyes.

You might know all the productivity tips in the world, but nothing will work if you don't have the energy to give 100 percent. Personal energy is a measure of how strong, invigorated, or up to a task you may feel at any moment. Nobody has an unlimited supply of personal energy. If you feel down, your zest ebbs and you'll produce mediocre work. In periods of low energy, your productivity sinks, because you feel like you're slogging through a field of waist-high mud.

My audiences and readers of my other two books, Find More Time and Leave the Office Earlier, asked me to write this book. "What are you on?" they tease. "Where in the world do you get that much energy?" I didn't realize my trademark energy was such a key component of my productivity level. But the more I observed the habits and energy levels of productive people, the more I understood how vital your vigor is to your performance. You simply cannot perform if you have no drive or desire — the oomph — to be productive. You may find yourself daydreaming about your goals and all the wonderful things you could do if you could just get up and go; but daydreaming and actually having the energy to do things are completely different.

I'm going to show you how to get the energy you need to live a full and productive life. You don't have to suffer from low energy. I don't purport to cure any medical conditions, but with consistent applications of the tips outlined in this book, you will realize a huge boost in your energy level — whatever that is for you.

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